Content Ethics

Our goal is to give our readers independent, accurate, and fair information based on up-to-date research. We strive to provide sensitive, supportive content and do our best to avoid publishing misleading or harmful information. That’s why we source our research primarily from peer-reviewed academic journals and well-known professional sources.

Experts whose views appear in our content will have qualifications in their field, which are mentioned in their title or byline.

Fairness and compassion are core values for us. We believe that there’s often not a straightforward right and wrong side in relationship conflicts and that everyone deserves compassion. When we cover sensitive relationship topics, we aim to be as neutral as possible.

To us, fairness also means:

  • Inclusive of all different people and relationship types
  • Non-judgmental about personal needs and preferences
  • Encouraging relationships and relationship solutions that are mutually beneficial and foster long-term well-being in all people participating
  • Standing against social behavior or situations that hurt people

Please note that the information and advice on Relationship Smart may not be for everyone. You will always have your own unique needs. If you’re experiencing relationship issues, consider talking with a professional who can help you find the best solutions for your particular situation.