20 Best Phone Games for Couples

Highlights reel (TL;DR)

  • Research shows that couples who dedicate time to play together are happier and better equipped to overcome challenges. 
  • More people are in long-distance relationships than ever – smartphones can help facilitate deep connections. 
  • Games are fun, relationships should be too!

Relationship Smart has curated a list of the 20 best phone games for couples — whether you live in the same place or far apart. 

But while couples may be living far apart, there are plenty of opportunities for virtual connection. Texting, FaceTime, and countless social media platforms make communication a non-issue. And that’s just one way to keep the spark going. 

Incorporating fun into your routine can also help you nurture a healthy distance relationship. Remember, your relationship is supposed to bring you joy! 

Maintaining the spark

In a perfect world, you and your partner could spend all the time you wanted together, forming connections and making memories. But many couples don’t have the ability to spend unlimited time together. 

The increasing popularity of online dating means that more people than ever are in long-distance relationships — estimates suggest that more than 14 million Americans are in a long-distance partnership as of 2022. 

On average, long-distance couples live an average of 125 miles apart. 

Studies show that couples who dedicate time and energy to play with one another are happier in the long run and better equipped to tackle difficult situations as partners. 

An easy way to incorporate play into your routine, regardless of how close you live to your partner, is to find a two-player virtual game you can play with each other throughout the day. 

Best two-player phone games for couples

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your relationship is focus on fun. Here’s a rundown of our favorite two-player games to help foster some healthy competition between you and your partner.   

1. Words With Friends

Word nerds assemble! Challenge your partner to a crossword puzzle-off with this addictive game.

Once you have a profile, you can compete against your partner inside the game. Solo play is also a great way to brush up on your vocabulary.

It’s free with additional fees for in-app purchases.

You can download Words With Friends from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

2. Draw Something With Friends  

Is your partner hiding their inner Picasso? Find out with this competitive doodle game.

The premise is simple. Pick a word, draw it, and watch your loved ones compete at trying to guess what it is. 

It’s free with optional in-app purchases. 

You can download Draw Something With Friends from the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

3. Trivia Crack

Does your ideal date night include watching Jeopardy on the couch? Put your knowledge to the test with this addictive trivia game. 

Show what you know in six different categories: art, sports, history, entertainment, science, and geography. 

You can download Trivia Crack from the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

4. Glow Hockey

It’s traditional air hockey with a twist — it glows! 

You can download Glow Hockey from the Apple App Store, or on Google Play

5. Either – Would You Rather

You can now play this classic slumber party game wherever, whenever, and with whomever. Pass the time and learn something new about your significant other, all from your phone. 

You can download Would You Rather from the Apple App Store or Google Play

6. UNO!

Reverse, Skip, Draw 4! It’s everything you know and love about UNO!, but from the convenience of your smartphone. 

Challenge your significant other to a friendly game of UNO!, or play solo to brush up on your strategy. 

You can download UNO! from the Apple App Store or Google Play

7. Board Games of Two

All of your favorite two-player classics are in one place on Board Games of Two. 

Challenge your partner to checkers, tic tac toe, mancala, chess, and more. You can also play random opponents, or improve your skills by playing against the computer. 

You can download Board Games of Two from the Apple App Store.

8. Yahtzee with Buddies Dice 

Roll the dice and win big with a new and improved version of this kitchen table classic. 

Challenge your partner to a traditional game of Yahtzee, or spice things up with adventure mode. 

With over 10 million downloads and 100 thousand 5-star reviews, Yahtzee is the perfect way to foster some friendly competition between you and your significant other. 

You can download Yahtzee with Buddies Dice from the Apple App Store or Google Play

9. Two Dots

Connect the dots! It’s simple but addicting, we promise. That’s why it’s the #10 ranked game in the app store.

You can download Two Dots from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

10. Golf Battle

Is your long-distance relationship preventing you from hitting the links together? Does your significant other dream about days on the course, but you can’t be bothered? 

Either way, Golf Battle could be a perfect way to compromise and try one of your passions, without having to spend hours on the green. 

You can download Golf Battle from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Best apps for long-distance couples

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you know that keeping the spark alive over call and text can be difficult at times. Here are some of our favorite apps to give your long-distance relationship a little boost. 

11. Tinkovu

Missing your long distance love? What better way to let them know you are “tinking” of them, than by sending them a tink! 

You and your partner simply download the app, and when you’re missing them, you press the central tink button, and a customized tink will pop up on their phone. 

You can download Tinkovu from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

12. Luveri

Luveri is the ultimate app for long-distance relationships. Features include a countdown until you see each other next, a calendar of your relationship’s milestones, photos, videos and more. 

You can download Luveri from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

13. Locket Widget

Send your loved one little surprises throughout the day with Locket Widget. 

This app lets your partner choose photos to show up as a widget on your home screen. It’s a simple way to send a virtual hello to your partner, while simultaneously sharing a happy memory between you. 

You can download Locket Widget from the Apple App Store

14. Between

While you likely prefer the time you get to spend together in person, Between is the app for the time in-between visits. 

This tracker and messaging app is the ultimate resource for making your long-distance relationship feel a little bit closer. 

You can send your partner notes, reminders, images, and more, all while tracking your relationship’s major milestones and memories. 

You can download Between from the Apple App Store or Google Play

15. Gottman Card Decks App

Are you asking the right questions? 

Derived from the Gottman Institute’s research-based approach to relationships, this app includes actionable tips to improve your relationship, from wherever you are. 

With over 14 decks and 1000+ flashcards, this app helps you determine, evaluate, and improve your relationship’s wellness score. 

You can download the Gottman Card Decks App from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Best relationship development apps 

Even if you see your partner regularly, you still may be looking for ways to improve your connection and communication. Here are five of our favorite apps for fostering connection and developing relationships. 

16. Couple Game

How much do you know about your significant other? 

Test your knowledge and get closer while doing so with Couple Game, “The World’s #1 Game For Couples.”

You can download Couple Game from the Apple App Store or Google Play


With daily reminders and date ideas, KINDU hopes to help you and your partner explore and discover together. 

Keep in mind, the app comes with one disclaimer, “nothing is taboo with KINDU.” 

You can download KINDU from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

18. Paired

Winner of the 2020 Google Play Awards in the Personal Growth category, Paired is one of the leading apps in the relationship sphere. 

Paired offers a library of professionally reviewed literature, conversation starters, advice, and more.

You can try paired for free for 7 days, followed by either a monthly subscription for $14.99 or an annual subscription for $75. 

You can download Paired from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

19. Love Nudge

Sometimes we all just need an extra nudge. Love nudge exists to put the 5 central love languages into action. 

Coined “Your Personal Assistant For Relationships,” Love Nudge provides resources, quizzes, games, and its signature nudges, to help your relationship get to the next level. 

Join the over 15,000 5-star reviewers, and download Love Nudge from the Apple App Store or Google Play

20. Wefeel

Developed by professional psychologists, Wefeel offers a combination of challenges, games, and conversation starters that foster increased communication and closeness. 

Wefeel provides the option to upgrade to a premium option that includes additional games, exclusive content, and no advertisements. 

You can download Wefeel from the Apple App Store or Google Play, in English or Spanish. 

The final word 

Games are fun, and your relationship should be too. Your smartphones can give you the freedom to have fun and stay connected with your partner. If you’re looking to liven up your relationship, playing a game that excites you both could be a simple way to foster closeness, regardless of how far you are from each other. 

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