The 20 Best Travel Games for Couples

If you’re heading on a trip with your significant other, you may be looking to pack some fun travel games for couples. Whether you’re looking to pass the time on a long road trip or get closer to your partner, Relationship Smart has a game suggestion for you. 

Traveling with a partner can be exciting and wildly romantic, but it can also lead to unfamiliar downtime and some stressful situations. 

While a bag packed with games and activities may not stop you from missing a layover or losing your passport, it may help pass the time and lighten the mood. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the 20 best games for couples to play, wherever your travels take you. 

The games fall under three main categories:

  • Travel-specific games
  • Games to get you talking
  • Games to pass the time 

20 fun travel games for couples 

1. Best activity book

The Couple’s Activity Book

If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to get an activity book, this should be it. And it’s darn cute. Each chapter focuses on a particular mood, so you can select your activities based on how you’re feeling. And it’s darn cute.

Some activities are spontaneous, like word scrambles and fill-in-the-blanks. You need to do a little more planning for others, like themed date nights.

Many reviewers report using this to connect with their partner instead of zoning out in front of the TV. Flip to a random page and see where it takes you.

You can buy The Couple’s Activity Book online.

2. Best classic travel game

Mad Libs on the Road 

They call it the “World’s Greatest Word Game” for good reason! Sometimes you just need to revert to the basics to pass the time. And really, is there a better way to test your compatibility than exchanging your silliest adverbs?

If you crave a classic, you can order physical Mad Libs here or download the Mad Libs app to take this word game wherever you travel. 

3. Best to enhance your trip

Travel Challenges

Are you one to plan your trip down to the minute, or do you prefer to go with the flow? No matter who you are, every trip can benefit from a bit of spontaneity. 

This travel kit incorporates a range of games and challenges into the everyday pace of your trip. Challenges range from ordering dinner for one another to a technology-free day and much more. 

You can buy the Travel Challenges Kit on Etsy.

4. Best road trip game

Road Trip!: How To Entertain Your Driver And Punch Boredom In The Face

Perfect to store in your glove compartment, this paperback is a portable solution for long drives and when the conversation runs dry. Fill your next road trip with minigames, conversation starters, jokes, and more. 

You can buy the Road Trip! Activity book online. 

5. Best for bucket lists

The Couples Bucket List 

Sometimes you just need to shake things up. Whether you’re on a long-winded road trip or an international excursion, vacations have their highs and lows, and there’s nothing like a bucket list to keep things exciting.

The card set includes date ideas, spontaneous activities, conversation starters, and more. 

You can buy The Couples Bucket List by flowjo online. 

6. Best for deep conversations

We’re Not Really Strangers – Couples Edition

How well do you and your partner really know one another? 

You may know the card game We’re Not Really Strangers, which rose to virality for prompting difficult conversations through the lens of a fun “get to know you” game.

While the original game can be great to play with a partner, this Couples Edition expansion pack focuses on love, relationship building, emotional growth, and other topics to allow you to truly connect with your partner. 

You can pack the entire game set in your suitcase or just pop a few cards in your bag to pass the time when you have some downtime. 

You can buy We’re Not Really Strangers – Couples Edition online. 

7. Best for improving communication

Love More, Fight Less: Communication Skills Every Couple Needs: A Relationship Workbook for Couples

Even the healthiest couples fight from time to time. However, how you resolve those arguments will put the strength of your relationship to the test. 

You may wonder, “Why would I want to do a relationship workbook while traveling?” And that’s understandable. We probably wouldn’t want to either! But consider this…

Your travel time is valuable, and arguments, especially while traveling, are somewhat inevitable. While it may not be the most romantic way to spend your trip, enhancing your communication skills may transform a travel tragedy into the romantic getaway of your dreams.

You can buy Love More, Fight Less: Communication Skills Every Couple Needs: A Relationship Workbook for Couples on Amazon. 

8. Best for making and recording memories

The Adventure Challenge – Couples Edition 

This activity book contains challenges, games, date ideas, sexy suggestions, and more. The best part? It’s a travel keepsake too!

Make memories that you will want to last forever and record them, so they actually do.

You can buy The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition online. 

9. Best road trip trivia

Gentlemen’s Hardware – Road Trip Trivia

This road trip trivia is exactly that: It’s actually trivia about road trips. 

Quiz your partner on America’s most famous highways, byways, and road trip landmarks. This game is perfect whether you’re passionate about the age-old art of the road trip or if you’re venturing out on four wheels for the very first time. 

This 100-card game is compact and easy to stow away in your carry-on or the glove compartment of your road trip chariot. 

You can buy Gentlemen’s Hardware – Road Trip Trivia online. 

10. Best for camping

Basecamp Cards 

There is something about sitting around a fire that can bring people together. Well, they call them fire-side chats for a reason, right? 

This pack of conversation starters is customized for those late nights under the stars. This deck was inspired by real camping adventures and was curated by people passionate about time spent in nature – so much so that with each deck of cards sold, Basecamp Cards plants a tree in your honor.

You can buy Basecamp Cards on Amazon. 

11. Best for romance

Talk, Flirt, Dare

The rules are simple. Pick a card from three categories – talk, flirt, or dare – and either answer the question or complete the task. 

With over 8,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, this simple concept card game is bound to infuse some fun flirtation and spontaneity into your travels. 

You can buy Talk, Flirt, Dare on Amazon. 

12. Best for the bedroom

Better Together – Spicier Edition 

Let’s talk about sex! No, really, that’s the entire premise here. It is a vacation, after all, isn’t it? 

This card game serves to prompt some after-hours conversations. With some games, dares, and spicy questions, this game is the perfect addition to your romantic getaway. 

You can buy Better Together – Spicier Edition on Amazon. 

13. Best for self-improvement

Best Self for Relationships 

Travel can provide great opportunities for introspection and self-improvement. This relationship deck aims to help you grow as an individual and a couple. 

This game was designed by a team of relationship coaches and psychologists with the goal of prompting conversations that have proven to be essential for a strong partnership. 

Learn what matters to you and your partner and how to achieve those desires and goals together. 

You can buy Best Self for Relationships on Amazon. 

14. Best for hikers


Does your ideal weekend getaway include summits, trails, and breathtaking views? Are your friends and family continuously commenting on how “outdoorsy” you and your partner are?

If so, this game may be for you. Trails is a strategy game centered around hiking and the great outdoors. While it follows the pattern of a typical collection-based board game – not unlike Settlers of Catan – Trails consists of cards and tokens. It comes in a compact box and can easily be thrown in your backpack to play on your next great adventure. 

As an added bonus, a portion of each game purchase is donated to the National Park Service. 

You can buy Trails on Amazon. 

15. Best for a quick laugh

Dot Dot Dot – Dating App Edition 

If you’re reading this article, chances are high that you or a loved one has been negatively impacted by the modern reality of dating apps. 

While dating apps can spark unlikely connections, they can also be the breeding ground for some brutal pickup lines, awkward conversations, and, frankly, comedic gold. Dating apps notoriously have their low lows, but they can also be the source of some hilarious anecdotes to reflect on with friends. 

Dot Dot Dot aims to take those online dating woes and celebrate them in all of their cringe-worthiness. This fill-in-the-blank card game mirrors the format of classics like Apples-to-Apples and Cards Against Humanity but does so through the lens of your dating app DMs. 

You can buy Dot Dot Dot – Dating App Edition on Amazon. 

16. Best for board game lovers

Mini Magnetic Board Travel Game Set

Sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics. 

This travel game set includes 12 absolute classics, with the convenience of magnetic, stackable boards and coordinating pieces. Throw one of the boards into your bag for a quick trip, or pack them all and stay entertained for hours. 

You can buy this game set on Amazon. 

17. Best for exploring

Anywhere Travel Guide

This card deck aims to ignite the explorer in you. 

This game includes prompts like “ask a stranger their favorite place in the city and go there” and “order all of the desserts on the menu at dinner tonight.”

When traveling, it’s nearly impossible to plan out every aspect of your trip. When you have some unanticipated free time, it can be nice to have some spontaneous adventures. In addition to infusing fun into your travels, this game also encourages you to learn from the expertise of locals. You may uncover some gems in the process!

You can purchase the physical deck of cards or the digital version for more convenient transportation. 

You can buy the Anywhere Travel Guide Card Deck or Kindle version on Amazon. 

18. Best for plane rides

Tiny Travel Games for Two

Traveling can be stressful. Sometimes it’s nice to unwind with a playful game or two. This game book is designed “for kids, or kids at heart.” With classics like tic-tac-toe, hangman, and many more, this is a great addition to your carry-on to pass the time on long plane rides, layovers, and more. 

You can buy Tiny Travel Games for Two on Amazon. 

19. Best for double dates

The Ultimate Game For Couples

There are two ways to play this game. Either compete against your partner, or team up together and play against another couple. 

This game is called The Ultimate Game For Couples for good reasons. It includes some silly conversation starters and trivia about one another but also has some physical challenges that will put your connection to the test. 

While this is a great game for just the two of you, it’s a great opportunity to socialize with other couples and meet new people. 

You can buy The Ultimate Game For Couples on Amazon. 

20. Best for reflecting

Our Moments

At the end of the day, the trips you take with your partner can be some of the most memorable moments in your relationship. While traveling can be a whirlwind, it’s important to slow down and take some time to reflect on the memories you’ve made on your adventure. 

While this game is great for your relationship at any point, these conversation starters may be the perfect conclusion to your travels together. 

You can buy Our Moments – Fun Conversation Cards For Couples on Amazon

The final word

Whether you’re going on your first-ever trip with your new partner or celebrating a milestone anniversary, you can never go wrong packing a few dependable games for traveling.

These games may help incorporate some fun into a long road trip, improve communication, or spice things up in the bedroom.

No matter where you and your significant other are off to next, be sure to add a few of these to your packing list. 

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