Gift Ideas for Your Sweetheart: 50 Romantic picks

Highlight reel (TL;DR)

  • Regardless of who you’re gifting to, the meaning behind the gift is more important than the gift itself.
  • Get creative, be intentional, and give something that proves you’ve been paying attention and you intend to stick around.

Whether you need a gift idea for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day or their upcoming birthday, there are no rules. 

Putting intention and meaning into the gift is the most important part.

Below you’ll find a wide range of gift ideas for your sweetheart, from classic romantic gifts to DIY options.

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Classic gifts for her


You can’t go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry. If it’s your romantic gift-giving opportunity, try to keep it simple. Stay away from rings, diamonds, and anything extravagant. 

We love the gold vermeil bracelets from Mejuri as an affordable option for a first Valentine’s Day gift or birthday surprise. 

This gold vermeil and white topaz bracelet is one of our favorites.


Flowers seem like the obvious choice for gifting but hear us out. Put a little extra thought into the bouquet, and she’ll be thrilled. 

Think about her birth flower, her favorite color, or a flower that has somehow developed some meaning for the two of you. You could also look into floriography — the language of flowers — to help you design an arrangement.


Consumables like chocolates are a great way to go if you’re gifting someone who already has everything. And while they might seem cliche for Valentine’s Day, who can really say no to tasty cocoa-based treats?

This box from Williams Sonoma is beautiful and decadent.


This gift will hit all the right notes if you play it right. Avoid making a bee-line for the most luxurious bottle. Instead, go meaningful. Why did this scent remind you of her? Is there a scent she’s mentioned before? Show that you know about her likes and dislikes.

This perfume by Philosophy is affordable and has the perfect subtle scent.


Lingerie could send the wrong message if you’ve only been on a few dates. But if you’re at the right phase of your relationship, it could be a sexy, thoughtful way to make your partner feel special.

We love this ruffle bralette from Free People.


Whether or not you’ve said “I love you” yet, this gift will let her know that you’ve caught some feelings. It’s sweet and sexy, and she’ll think of you with every word she reads.

You can’t go wrong with Love Her Wild by Atticus.

Classic gifts for him


Make it less about the price tag and more about its meaning. Why is this the perfect scent for your guy? How does it make you feel when he puts it on? Let him know why you chose it. 

This Vacation cologne evokes a fresh, beachy scent that you both will love.


Investing in a good pair of boxers is a thoughtful way to treat your guy to a little upgrade in his attire. Our favorite brand is Saxx for both style and comfort — and we love that there are endless patterns to choose from. 

But a pair of classic black ones are a safe bet for any gifting scenario.


A nice bottle of scotch or a beautiful bottle of red will never go unappreciated. Gift it with an idea of when and how you’ll enjoy a glass together. We recommend popping into your local liquor store and getting some recommendations based on your partner’s preferences.


Guys like to look good, too, and accessories for men are underrated as gifts. 

We’re willing to bet that your man will be pleased that you spent time finding him the perfect pair of sunglasses that match his style. 

We love these Ray-Bans because they never go out of style and come in twelve colors.


If he has a record player, a record that reminds you of your relationship is a perfectly-retro romantic gift. Think of the rainy evenings and Sunday mornings spent listening to it together. 

Even better: find a flea market or thrift store in your area and grab a few for his collection.

DIY gifts

Photo album

It’s always nice to reflect and reminisce about the good times together (aka relationship savoring). Plenty of companies allow you to upload your digital photos, arrange them to your liking, and customize them with notes and design elements.


If you’re on a tight budget, consider making a playlist customized to your relationship on whatever music streaming platform you use. An ode to the mix tape, a playlist is a thoughtful gift that shows your partner you’ve been thinking about them. These songs will be ones that you both hold onto for years to come.

Fill-in-the-blank journal

A fill-in-the-blank journal is a great way to document the beginning of your relationship and your feelings for your partner. You might even make it a tradition to gift a journal every year to keep an ongoing record of your evolving love.

We love this one for the thoughtful prompts and detailed fill-in-the-blank pages.

Thoughtful coupons

Homemade coupons might seem like a cop-out, but not if you put some extra thought into them and commit to paying up when the time comes. Avoid “one free hug” and “good for a back rub.” Get creative! What would your partner appreciate most?

If you need some help, there are coupon booklets like this one that you can purchase!

Unique gift ideas for your sweetheart

Polaroid camera

Is it just us, or is there something about these retro gifts that feel extra romantic? Think of all the fun the two of you will have taking instant photos of each other — without your phones!

There are so many cameras to choose from, but this Fujifilm Instax is cute, reliable, and budget-friendly.

Inkbox temporary tattoos

These temporary tattoos look like the real deal and are a fun gift for someone who’s tempted to get inked but not ready for a permanent commitment just yet. 

You could choose from the shop or get something custom-made — for either your partner, yourself, or both!

You can check out Inkbox here.

Wonderbly book

Wonderbly customizes stories with beautiful illustrations for every occasion. We particularly love their love story — a personalized search-and-find book.

You can order Your Super Epic Love Quest here.

Shower speaker

Let your partner know that you love hearing them sing in the shower. Better yet, hop in and put on a show with them. 

There are tons of shower speakers on the market, but this one is really well-priced, a nice small size, and has tons of positive reviews.

Digital picture frame

A little on the pricier end (in our opinion), but a digital picture frame might be worth the splurge if you’re looking for a big-ticket gift item with meaning. It’s a fun way to keep current photos of the two of you on display. 


Not a fan of giving fresh-cut flowers that will inevitably get tossed away? A plant is a nice alternative and one that will (hopefully) stick around for a while. 

Pop into your neighborhood nursery and choose something that will look nice in your partner’s home.

Dried bouquet

Similarly, a dried bouquet is a beautiful way to give flowers while ensuring they won’t get tossed away. 

Flowers are the go-to romantic first Valentine’s gift, and with a dried bouquet, they’ll now find a permanent place on display. Check your local florist for some options.

Flower subscription

This is the ultimate flower gift that keeps on giving! Some florists now offer subscriptions so your partner can receive a fresh bouquet every month like clockwork.

The Bouqs Co. is a budget-friendly option with monthly subscription offers of fresh, vibrant flowers.

Magazine subscription

Think of almost any topic, and we guarantee there’s a magazine dedicated to it. Pick a subject close to your partner’s heart and hit subscribe. They’ll think of you every time a new issue arrives.

Gifted Experiences

Spa day

Send your partner off on a relaxing day solo, or join them for a couples massage. A spa day is always a good gift.

Cooking lesson

Learning together is a great bonding experience. And food can be sexy. Gifting a cooking lesson is a nice way to show that you want to have new and fun experiences together.

Wine tasting

We love this as a fun activity to do together. You’ll probably learn something, you’ll try something new, you might get a little tipsy, and you’ll definitely make some memories. You can find a local winery to visit or host a tasting at home.

Concert tickets

Whether you’ve been dating for 10 days or 10 months, you probably know each other’s taste in music. Searching for an upcoming concert you can attend is a way to say “I know you” and “I want to spend more time with you.”

Gym or studio pass

Hear us out. Please only give a gym pass as a gift you’re going to go to the gym, too, and you know your partner is into fitness. Commit to making your gym time a standing date.

Self Care Gift ideas for your sweetheart

LUSH gift box

Known for their bath bombs and strong scents, we love LUSH gift boxes anytime. There’s a huge range of gift boxes to choose from, so you can choose a size that fits your budget.

Your sweetheart is sure to appreciate one of these beautifully-wrapped boxes from LUSH.

Skincare for him

Give your guy a little bit of self-care. A couple of curated skincare products make for a simple, no-fuss gift. Whether he’s got a little routine going already or is completely new to using products, a face lotion with SPF is always a good choice.

We love this one from Supergoop.

Body lotion

A luxurious body lotion can feel so special and indulgent. We don’t always splurge on this kind of thing for ourselves, so receiving it as a gift can be delightful.

This geranium leaf duo from Aesop is incredibly indulgent and effective.

Date night prop gifts

Overnight bag

Why not give an overnight bag for those frequent sleepovers you’ve been having? And in the future, you can graduate from casual sleepovers to weekend getaways.

You can’t go wrong with Herschel’s novel duffle.

Picnic set

This might seem like a cheesy gift, but that’s exactly why we love it. Give it with a note that says you’ll pack the first picnic. 

We love this set that includes a blanket, wine glasses, lots of pockets, and all the other essentials in a pretty bag.

Wine chiller

For date nights at home, aesthetic pieces can really set the mood. Elevate your wine-and-TV night with a good-looking wine chiller.

This alabaster one from Crate&Barrel is gorgeous.

The Hygge Game

The Hygge game is a deck of conversation starters, and is the perfect gift for when you’re still getting to know one another.

You can purchase it here.

Tabletop fireplace

Few things are more cozy and romantic than sitting around a fire. 

With this indoor tabletop fireplace, you can have that date night vibe anytime.


You’re still in the honeymoon phase but trust us. You’ll frequently be asking, “What should we have for dinner?” soon enough. What if you had a special book to help you decide? 

We suggest popping into your local bookstore for a cookbook you think your partner will love. If you’re stuck, The Joy of Cooking is a classic and was rated the best cookbook of all time by Goodreads.

You can get it here.

Cozy comforts

Bath tray

A bath tray for your sweetie who loves unwinding in the tub is a thoughtful gift for any occasion. 

This one is affordable and beautiful.


A cozy robe for your mornings together is a sweet gift whether you’ve been together forever or you’re starting something new. 

The waffle knit robes from One Wednesday, a small women-owned business, are simple but luxurious and only get better with wear.

You can shop for them here.

Throw blanket

We’re all about facilitating that cozy at-home date night vibe, and a soft blanket for cuddling up on the sofa together is a perfect snuggly gift. 

Our favorites are from Anthropologie. Browse to find a design that fits your partner’s style. If you’re unsure, this solid herringbone is a safe bet. Bonus: it comes in over 12 colors.

For the home


Candles add a hint of romance to a cozy night in or a rainy weekend spent together. Picking a few choice candles for your first holiday together is a nice way to show that you want to set the mood.

These marble candles from Anthropologie are luxurious and match any decor style.

Wine glasses

Cooking, eating, and relaxing together often involve a good glass of vino. 

Gifting a set of wine glasses for your first Valentine’s will allow you to remember this time with every sip you take in the future.

This set of four from Fable is simply beautiful.


A beautiful vase is a solid early relationship gift since it hints at the bouquets you plan to give for years to come. Think of all the occasions in your future when you’ll be bringing home flowers. 

We think this Anthropologie vase is the perfect blend of classic and funky.

Coffee table book

We love a gorgeous coffee table book as a first Valentine’s gift. It’s a conversation starter and a pretty centerpiece. 

You can show your partner you’ve been paying attention and choose one on a topic near and dear to their heart. If you’re unsure, anything by National Geographic is a good choice. 

We like this Destinations of a Lifetime book for the dreaming it can conjure.

The final word

Whether you’re celebrating your first Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, gifting has no hard and fast rules. The key is to choose something thoughtfully and consider why it’s the perfect gift for your person. 

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